Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the usage guidelines that govern access to your account.

1.0 Bandwidth

Each account is alloted a maximum bandwidth alotment each month. In the case that your account excedes that limit, we will:

Excess bandwidth will be chartged at a rate $10 CAD per GB.

2.0 Spam (UCE / Junk Mail)

If any account is deemed to be spreading any form of Spam, UCE or junk mail, AC Host Canada reserves the right to immediatly terminate the account from our servers, as well as charge the customer for any bandwidth used during that monthly billing cycle. This includes but is not limited to sending mail through AC Host Canada's SMTP servers, Perl or PHP Mailers or through a third party to advertise your website. If you run a mailing list or forum site, please inform us when you sign up so we do not terminate your account wrongly.

3.0 FTP Space

FTP accounts are granted for the use of uploading the clients website to the servers. Using the FTP accounts, with the exception of any Public FTP accounts, for file storage, and/or transfer, of any binary file, whether audio, video, or data, over the FTP protocol, is expressly forbidden. As well, all files that are uploaded are limited to a maximum of 20mb in size. Any files larger will be deleted without warning.

4.0 Email Storage

Email Accounts should be limited to 10mb per mailbox.

Updated:July 1, 2003